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A Summertime Engagement Session at Cantigny | Courtney and Mike

Summertime engagement at Cantigny

Today, I am excited to share the remarkable tale of Courtney and Mike. From their enchanting summertime engagement session at Cantigny Park to the eagerly anticipated day they say “I do” at The Armour House at Lake Forest Academy, I can just tell that they are so excited to start their new life together!

Love has a way of weaving its magic in unexpected places. For Courtney and Mike, it all began in a small store in Cary over a decade ago. Their love story blossomed in a serendipitous fashion. A chance encounter at the small store where Courtney worked sparked an immediate connection. Unable to resist Mike’s undeniable charm, Courtney excitedly reached out to her best friend, sharing every detail about the mysterious guy who had captured her heart. As fate continued to work its magic, Mike started frequenting the store more often, gradually building a connection with Courtney that would set the stage for a beautiful love story.

Their first date, set in a cozy Chinese restaurant, was a delightful mix of laughter, shared stories, and the growing realization that they had found something truly special. For Courtney, it was as if she had found the missing piece to her puzzle—someone who possessed every quality she had longed for in a partner: intelligence, kindness, respect, a strong family bond, and undeniable cuteness.

How did Mike propose?

The journey towards their proposal unfolded at their favorite place in the world—Disney World. Unbeknownst to Courtney, Mike had orchestrated a heart-melting surprise. With early access to the park, they had the luxury of exploring before the crowds arrived. Courtney, wanting to seize the moment, suggested taking pictures with the photographers stationed throughout the park.

Each time, Mike redirected her, insisting they wait to take pictures in front of the castle with their families. Unaware of what awaited her, Courtney playfully expressed her frustration, teasing Mike for never wanting to take pictures with her.

Finally, as they reached the front of the castle, surrounded by their loved ones, everything fell into place. Mike’s parents informed Courtney that she would be taking pictures with Mike’s brother first. Little did she know, behind the scenes, Mike was retrieving the ring from his mother. As they began taking pictures, Mike took her hands, pouring out his heart and professing his love. It was in that magical moment that everything clicked for Courtney. The realization that he was about to propose, and without hesitation, she joyfully accepted. To her surprise, her best friend emerged from hiding, having traveled 11 hours to witness this unforgettable moment, proving that true friendship knows no bounds.

Their engagement journey continued with an enchanting summertime photoshoot at Cantigny Park, a breathtaking oasis in the suburbs. Amidst vibrant blooms and lush greenery, Courtney and Mike’s love radiated. Their connection was evident in every frame captured by the lens. Enjoy my (many) favorites!!!!


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