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A Highly Anticipated Cantigny Park Engagement Session | Pooja & Dorian

If there’s one thing that I have truly admired about couples throughout this pandemic season, it is their resilience. They have had to endure countless shifts to plans, postponements, and disappointments and yet, they are still so excited for what is to come. Today, I am featuring Pooja and Dorian, who have had to postpone their wedding twice! After talking to them for over one year, I felt privileged to shoot their gorgeous Cantigny Park engagement session.

Their story begins through the luck of the Irish. At a St. Patrick’s Day party in Chicago in 2013, Pooja and Dorian met through the festivities, really hitting it off. After a lot of dancing, food, and laughs, they exchanged numbers and soon after went on their first date of tacos and dancing. I could see their love of a fun time through our time together. This couple is incredibly funny, and extremely easy-going which always lends itself to a great time.

I got to shoot this couple at one of my favorite locations. Cantigny Park, located about 30 miles west of Chicago, boasts beautiful, newly finished grounds that give you the same feel as the botanical gardens in Chicago. It was a joy to walk around and use this stunning backdrop as a way to showcase Pooja and Dorian.


Cantigny Park at Sunset

As our session came to a close, I got to shoot this Cantigny Park engagement session at the sunset. It only seemed fitting that just like Pooja and Dorian have had to patiently wait to get married, we patiently waited for the golden hour to come in full effect. The reward of our patience was beyond expectations and gave our time a beautiful glow.

Now to prepare for September. This couple officially ties the knot this fall and I could not be happier. They are so excited to celebrate their love with all their family and friends and I am honored I got to play a small role in telling their story. Pooja and Dorian, I wish you all the best for the future. Cheers!

A romantic engagement session photo of a couple at Cantigny Park during sunset time. An engaged couple walk hand-in-hand at Parade Field at Cantigny Park with beautiful trees in the background. A photo of a couple walking at Hosta Gardens at Cantigny Park. A couple kissing near the newly renovated fountain at Cantigny Park. An engaged couple kissing next to purple flowers at Idea Garden at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. A couple laughing near the Rose Garden. A black and white photo of an engagement ring with the couple kissing in the background. An engagement photo of couple sitting on a fancy yellow chair. A posed image of a couple with a setting sky in the background Styled engagement image with a beautiful image in Wheaton, IL.

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