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Melissa and Chris | An Iconic St. Michael Chicago Wedding Ceremony

Melissa and Chris’ St. Michael Chicago Wedding Ceremony was absolutely flawless! Spring is a glorious time to get married in Chicago. Maybe this is the romantic in me talking – but there’s something positively heartwarming about celebrating the love of a couple as the world blooms around them. At least, these were the nuances we hoped for as Chris and Melissa’s wedding drew near.

Rain clouds threatened in the morning but disappeared, paving the way for all the morning trimmings and an enchanting “first look” between Melissa and her father. The moment was nothing short of magical, and I know they’ll always cherish his joy-filled reaction when he first laid eyes on her.

Melissa and Chris opted for an iconic Chicago wedding, and got it right down to the last detail! From a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Michael Church in Old Town to their elegant Mid America Club wedding reception.

An incredibly special moment of the day happened right after they got married. A 1957 white Rolls Royce was parked just outside the church – a surprise gift from Melissa to Chris. We took some classy shots, partially blocking La Salle Street in the middle of the day while the Memorial Day parade was happening.

The Mid-America Club Wedding Reception

Sticking with Melissa and Chris’ iconic Chicago-inspired theme, there was no better place in town for their reception than the Mid-America Club. Melissa’s brother and the ushers surprised her by wearing custom made socks with photos of them kissing. It was hilarious.

Chris’ groomsmen, meanwhile, all came over from Italy for the wedding, and the love and support felt for the couple was practically palpable all night long. Melissa and Chris were surrounded by the most wonderful support system — parents who lead by example, siblings who encourage and protect and friends who have turned into a family. These people will certainly continue to carry them through their new life together.

Melissa and Chris, I positively adore you. Thank you for sharing your love with us and never stop living in the moment and traveling the globe!


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