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Anna and Sameer’s Wedding

If I had to choose one word to describe Anna and Sameer’s elaborate, Indian-Jewish wedding at InterContinental Chicago, it would be magnificent. I’m always fascinated to see how couples from different heritages weave together different aspects of their traditions in multicultural ceremonies. Their wedding was one of the most impressive affairs I’ve ever had the honor of witnessing.

Sameer, of Indian heritage, and Anna, who’s Jewish, seamlessly melded their loves, tastes, and cultures together. They created a unique Indian-Jewish wedding at InterContinental Chicago. For three days, their guests celebrated the union of their families through timeless cultural activities, singing, and dancing. All against the backdrop of one of Chicago’s most unique wedding venues.

An Exquisite Multicultural Wedding Photography and Reception

When two of the most powerful cultures in the world join together, the vibrant, incredible blend of Russian, Jewish, Hindu and Indian traditions are awe-inspiring. The entire wedding was breathtaking and bursting with heartfelt moments and sentiment.

Anna and Sameer paid homage to their heritage and families in brilliant ways that are best seen than told. For any of you who are wondering how to mix two completely different backgrounds into one smooth and stylish day — get ready for some serious pinning action!

Anna and Sameer, you two were perfectly made for each other. Thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding day!



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