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Stefania and Jimmy | Nine Years in the Making

There are moments when I meet a couple and I can tell from the very first interaction that they are special. That’s how I felt with Stefania and Jimmy.  They are truly genuine in everything they do and I could feel the intense levels of respect and kindness between the two of them. I was excited to shoot their Greek Orthodox wedding at St Nectarios.

In 2012, Stefania and Jimmy met at a Red Mango. Jimmy worked there and helped Stefania and her friend find their way around. They exchanged numbers and set up a time to go for dinner that week. Their first date is one that can be described as perfect with a sushi dinner and deep conversation. Jimmy walked Stefania back to her car at the end of the date and she left so happily and anxious for Jimmy to send her a text.

After nine years of being together, Stefania truly knows that Jimmy is her person. She describes him as a very selfless person. His patience seems to always be there and his positive view on life brings out the best in Stefania. They truly make each other better, which is everything you want in a partner.

Greek Orthodox Wedding Ceremony at St Nectarios

The service was beautiful. The couple had a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding at St Nectarios church. The best part about these traditional ceremonies is the crowing of the couple. The priest places crowns on the heads of the bride and groom that are tied together by a ribbon. This is a symbol of the couple being crowned with honor and glory by God. I love observing ceremonies with traditional aspects.

After the service, we went to the Prairie Centre for the Arts for photos. However, the skies decided to open and poured down on us. Instead of being upset that rain came, the couple went with it and laughed throughout the whole experience, making it extremely easy for me as a photographer.

The reception was held at Meridian Banquets in Rolling Meadows. The hall was decorated beautifully. It was a wonderful night, full of dancing and laughter. The couple plans to go on their honeymoon in one year to Mexico. Now they are looking forward to the future where they can bring their careers together and begin to grow a family. All the best to the happy couple!

Bride walk down the aisle with her dad at her greek Orthodox wedding at St. Nectarios Groom first look moment at Greek Orthodox Wedding ceremony at St. Nectarios 19 A wide angle image of a greek orthodox wedding ceremony taken from the balcony at St. Nectarios at Palatine, IL Bride and groom hold candles during their Greek Orthodox Wedding at St. Nectarios Crowning of the couple during a greek Orthodox wedding ceremony at St. Nectarios Greek bride sip from the common cup during an orthodox wedding ceremony at St. Nectarios in Palatine Bride and groom perform The Ceremonial Walk at the altar of St. Nectarios in Palatine during an orthodox wedding ceremony An orthodox wedding ritual "The crowning of the Bride and Groom" at the altar of St. Nectarios in Palatine, IL Bride and groom exit an orthodox wedding ceremony at St. Nectarios Bubbles send-off after a wedding ceremony outside St. Nectarios in Palatine Bride and groom kiss at bubbles send-off after a wedding ceremony outside St. Nectarios in Palatine

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