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Michaela & Scott | A Rainy Day Wonder

There have been times in my job as a photographer, where the weather takes an unexpected turn and you have to adapt. That is what happened with this rainy day engagement in Chicago with Michaela and Scott. The forecast for the day had not called for rain and so it was a surprise when the rain began to start. Without a plan B, we had to go with the flow and I am so glad we did! The photos turned out so well and gave Michaela and Scott an engagement session to remember!

Michaela and Scott met four years ago after both moving to the Chicago area after college. After meeting, they both began asking their respective friends about one another. There was an interest in one another but they kept hanging out in groups together to get to know one another. It was Michaela that made the first move by asking Scott for his number. They were both nervous on their first date but that quickly went away and they knew they had found a good match.

This couple complements one another so well. They even joke with one another that they are the “yin to the other’s yang”. They knew after spending time in a long-distance relationship that they were the people they wanted to spend their lives with. It is a beautiful match and I’m so glad that I got to capture them on this unexpected rainy day!

Michaela and Scott are so excited to get married and have all their family and friends around. Michaela also said she was excited to see Scott’s face the first time he sees her in her gown. There is much anticipation around this wedding and rightly so! It is a time to celebrate!

Rainy Day Engagement in Chicago An engaged couple posing for an engagement photo in front the Honeycomb in Lincoln Park An engagement photo taken near Cafe Brauer on a rainy day in Chicago Engaged couple walking in front of the Honeycomb in Lincoln Park

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