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Chicago Trump Tower Wedding | Lisabeth and Byron

Chicago Trump Tower wedding at the Grand Ballroom

Today, I’m taking you on a journey through the unforgettable Chicago Trump Tower wedding of Lisabeth and Byron. As the storyteller behind the lens, my goal at Crane’s Photography is to capture the essence of every moment and craft a visual tale that truly resonates. I feel that this Chicago wedding truly allowed me to immerse myself in creativity and capture the love between these two individuals.

The Couple’s Humble Beginnings

Lisabeth and Byron’s paths crossed on Bumble in the challenging year of 2020 when the world was grappling with the pandemic. After falling deeply in over several months, they tied the knot at the Chicago courthouse in 2021. But, the celebration didn’t stop there. They were determined to share their love with their nearest and dearest through a grand wedding reception.
Curious about their journey to “the one,” I asked the couple, and their response echoed the sentiment of two souls destined to find each other. Their connection, built on shared values, a sense of belonging, and mutual support, resonated deeply.

Jewish Wedding Ceremony at Trump Tower

Their path to the altar was a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds. Byron’s South African-Greek ancestry and Lisabeth’s Eastern European background created the groundwork for a ceremony steeped in tradition and authenticity, honoring their unique love story.
As the big day unfolded, Lisabeth and Byron began their wedding journey in separate suites. Opting for a heartfelt first look, they chose to share a special moment before the official ceremony commenced. Their “First Look” took place on the 16th-floor terrace, overlooking the city’s breathtaking panorama, with the iconic Wrigley Building commanding attention in the backdrop. The weather, playing its part, contributed to the magic with gentle breezes and perfect temperatures.
The ceremony itself was a tapestry of traditions. Lisabeth and Byron participated in a private Jewish ritual, signing the ketubah. On the 17th floor, they united in an intimate gathering of close family and friends to witness the heartfelt act.
Next, their exchange of vows took place under a magnificent Chuppah adorned with blooms. It was quickly apparent to me that this was more than a wedding. It was a celebration of love, culture, and diversity. As the ceremony reached its crescendo, the couple followed the Jewish tradition of Byron shattering a glass. It was met with joyous cheers of “Mazel Tov” from their guests.

An elegant wedding reception at the Grand Ballroom at Trump Chicago

The Grand Ballroom at Trump Tower set the stage for their elegant wedding reception – a space as grand as their love. The celebration swayed between Jewish and Greek traditions. The joyful “hora” dance, where the bride and groom are lifted into the air on chairs, echoed with laughter. Greek dances weaved their way around the reception, encapsulating the festive spirit.
Lisabeth and Byron’s Chicago Trump Tower wedding became a canvas for love and tradition. The rich tapestry of cultures in every shot, smile, and shared moment was a true pleasure to photograph.

It’s been an honor to be their narrator, capturing not just photographs but also the emotions, joy, and beauty of their journey. If you’re looking for a visual storyteller to capture your own love story, keep in mind that Crane’s Photography can convert your moments into everlasting art. Thank you for accompanying me on this romantic trip through Lisabeth and Byron’s day.

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