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Emily and Ben’s Wedding at The Fairlie

Wedding reception at the Fairlie Chicago

Today I share with you a love story that has become an inspiration for me. From heartfelt vows exchanged in private to lively moments on the dance floor, Emily and Ben’s wedding was a celebration filled with love, laughter, and the unique charm of Chicago and the magical Fairlie.

Emily and Ben’s wedding took place at the stylish Fairlie venue, one of Chicago’s recently built gems. Designed with a modern touch and boasting sophisticated details, Fairlie created the perfect canvas for their love story to unfold. Imagine the blend of early industrial architecture and elegant fixtures, all set against the backdrop of organic finishes. The result? A space that’s as versatile as it is functional, with soaring ceilings illuminated by skylights and lofted mezzanines that let in an abundance of natural light. Exposed brick walls lent a sense of urban authenticity, creating an environment that perfectly balanced modern elegance with timeless charm.

The Charming Wedding Ceremony at The Fairlie

One of the most intimate moments of the day was when Emily and Ben snuck a private moment to see each other before their downtown Chicago photoshoot. The couple took this private time to read their vows to each other. Once we made our way downtown, we set up in preparation for the couple’s photo shoot. As the couple shared a look of love and compassion with one another, I captured their emotions through my camera lens.
Emily and Ben exchanged their vows once more in a short and sweet ceremony where their family and friends were able to witness the love in the air. As they sealed their promises with a kiss, they made their way down the aisle, showered with flower petals by their joyous guests.

The Elegant Wedding Reception

The wedding celebration continued with an elegant reception at Fairlie. Emily and Ben’s grand entrance on a rickshaw added a touch of whimsy and set the tone for a night of celebration. Halfway through the festivities, a surprise awaited. A food truck rolled in, providing late-night snacks that delighted their guests and added a memorable twist to the evening. The couple and their guests danced the night away, creating memories that will forever resonate with their love story.

A Love Story for the Books

Emily and Ben’s love story truly reaffirms our passion for capturing the moments that truly count. It’s been an honor to bear witness to the beginning of this remarkable couple’s journey into marriage. As we look ahead, there’s a sense of excitement about the chapters that await in the future. Here’s to the continued story of this extraordinary duo!


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