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Liz and Kevin’s Stunning Wedding at the North Atrium of Artifact Events’ Venue

Wedding at the North Atrium at Artifact Events

Liz and Kevin’s wedding at the North Atrium of Artifact Events venue was fun, gorgeous, and absolutely timeless! As a wedding photographer, there are times when you meet a couple whose love story truly touches your heart. Liz and Kevin are one of those couples whose love radiates nothing but tenderness, kindness, and peace.
The couple and I collaborated last fall for the first time. It was such a joy to take photos of their engagement session in the charming Bucktown area.

Getting Ready at Hotel Lincoln

The day began at the graceful Hotel Lincoln. We were greeted by a calm and collected bride and groom, who were also surrounded by their closest family members. The couple’s first look, which took place outside the Hotel Lincoln, was one of the most touching moments. Even the weather seemed to be celebrating the commencement of their marriage. It provided us with a picture-perfect backdrop and a sunny and gently breezy day.

Wedding Ceremony At the North Atrium of Artifact Events’ venue

At the North Atrium of Artifact Events‘ venue in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, Liz and Kevin exchanged the vows that they had prepared and written for each other. As they spoke their loving words, the sun’s warm rays illuminated the venue, creating an ideal backdrop for capturing the beautiful moment.
When I asked the couple what they were most looking forward to about their wedding day, their responses reflected their love and connection. Kevin was looking forward to seeing Liz in her wedding gown for the first time. Liz anticipated her unique birds-eye-view entrance into the Artifact Events space and the joy of dancing with their friends and family.
Liz, Kevin, and their guests absolutely owned the dance floor all night long, crafting unforgettable memories.

As I reflect on this beautiful wedding day, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude for having met Liz and Kevin. Their love story is a reminder of the power of love, kindness, and connection. I am honored to have captured life-long memories for them to cherish together, forever.


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