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Madeline and Kyle’s Engagement Session at The Riverwalk

Love stories often begin in unexpected places, and Madeline and Kyle’s journey to forever started with a simple “Happy New Year!” message on a dating site. Little did they know in a few short years, they would have a blossomed beautiful connection.

They experienced a magical twist of fate during their engagement. While they had chosen the ring together, Kyle had planned to propose during a trip to Hilton Head with friends. A canceled flight disrupted their plans, but their friends secretly orchestrated a proposal at a scenic restaurant. Suspicion arose when Kyle pretended to tie his shoe, and Madeline’s heart raced as he produced the ring. Cheers from strangers on the dock added to the magic of the moment.

Photographing Madeline and Kyle was an absolute joy. We embarked on a romantic journey through the enchanting Riverwalk and picturesque North Ave Beach.
The Riverwalk is one of the most beautiful spots in the city that offers stunning backdrops throughout the year. It’s a top choice for engagement sessions, and Madeline and Kyle’s chemistry perfectly complemented this captivating location.
During the photo shoot, most of the photos were taken on an overcast day. But when we arrived at North Ave Beach just before sunset, the city skyline started to glow and created a stunning background for our shoot. It gave off the enchanting vibe the couple was hoping for.
To celebrate their love, Madeline and Kyle popped a bottle of champagne, adding an extra touch of sparkle to this beautiful day. I couldn’t be happier to have been a part of it, as the photos from this session beautifully capture the essence of their love story.


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