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Ginevra and Danny’s Luxurious Wedding at Loews Hotel in Rosemont

Wedding at Loews Hotel in Rosement

Ginevra and Danny’s wedding at the fancy Loews Hotel in Rosemont was seriously like a real-life fairytale. With every detail meticulously planned and a love that shone brighter than the stars, their wedding day was a testament to their beautiful journey together.
The first time I met Ginevra and Danny, I could tell right away they were one happy couple. Ginevra’s super upbeat vibes and Danny’s all-around nice guy demeanor just made the whole place light up. You could totally see that they were a perfect match, and their love story was going places.
Being their photographer was awesome! I got to snap all the moments, from their super cool engagement shoot to the big day.

Moments to Cherish

The day kicked off with Ginevra and her crew getting all dolled up in a suite at Loews Hotel. It was one of the most amazing hotel suites I’ve ever worked in. They rocked some matching robes, popping confetti, sipping champagne, and cracking jokes while they got ready. But the tearjerker was Ginevra’s super emotional first look with her dad – seriously, not a single dry eye in the room after that!
Ginevra and Danny tied the knot at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish in Elk Grove Village. The ceremony was such a heartfelt and emotional event where all their close friends and family got to see their love and commitment in action.
After the sweet ceremony, we rolled in style in a 20-passenger Hammer Limo on our way to Dunne Park in Rosemont for some awesome photos.

A Timeless Wedding Reception at Loews Hotel in Rosemont

The Loews Chicago O’hare Hotel provided the perfect backdrop for Ginevra and Danny’s wedding day. Their reception went down at the Cassatt Ballroom, which was beautifully decorated for the occasion. They had this slick white dance floor ready to go, and it was non-stop party time. With a live band jamming in the background, that dance floor stayed packed all night.
Ginevra and Danny’s wedding at Loews Hotel was a whirlwind of emotions, from heartfelt moments to wild celebrations. As they start this new adventure, we wish their love keeps growing and life remains as amazing as their “I do” moment.

Here’s to Ginevra and Danny, the living proof that love can weather any storm! πŸŽ‰πŸ’πŸ’•


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