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A Lovely Engagement Session at the Naperville Riverwalk | Kim and Rocky

I always love it when I meet a couple who want to make the most of their photo session. Kim and Rocky were just that type of couple! From personalizing their shoot by having an outfit change to show off their rival baseball jerseys to picking a beautiful venue like the Naperville Riverwalk. Kim and Rocky’s personalities and love for one another became very evident and it was a lot of fun working with this down-to-earth couple. This Naperville Riverwalk engagement session was one to remember!

Kim and Rocky met like many couples now, through an online dating app. Although, it didn’t happen quickly. Kim and Rocky talked for two months before they met up with one another! When the day finally came to meet, they headed to a wine bar for some flights and apps. They chatted the night away until eventually, the restaurant closed. When I asked them what they loved about each other, it was so apparent that this couple simply adores one another. For Kim, she loves how Rocky makes her feel completely and totally loved. For Rocky, he described Kim’s selflessness and kindness as qualities that made him love her deeply.

On a very cold (-30 degree) Valentine’s weekend, Kim and Rocky head to St. Germaine, Wisconsin. Kim was preparing for a weekend full of snowmobiling but Rocky had other plans. The couple went out for a lovely dinner during the weekend, where Rocky had thought about proposing. It wasn’t until they were headed out of the restaurant towards their car where Rocky turned to Kim, got down on one knee, and asked the question. It was the surprise of her life!

Rocky and Kim are now in full planning mode for their wedding which will take place in one year’s time. To the happy couple, I wish you all the best as you continue in your planning for the big day. May you have all the fun preparing and may you feel loved by one another and those around you.

Creative lighting of an engaged couple kissing at the bridge at the Naperville Riverwalk An engagement session photo of a couple at sunset at the Naperville Riverwalk A fun moment of a couple walking during an engagement session at Naperville Riverwalk A couple wearing baseball jerseys kissing with a river in the background An engagement session photo at Naperville Riverwalk of a couple wearing sport jerseys. A candid image of an engaged couple at Naperville Riverwalk A backlit photo of couple at Naperville Riverwalk at their engagement session

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