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James and Beth’s Heartfelt Wedding at Hyatt Lodge

Wedding at Hyatt Lodge

Recently James and Beth granted me the pleasure of being able to photograph their beautiful wedding at Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook. The weather leading up to their special day had been far from ideal, with scorching heat and suffocating humidity. However, fate had other plans, and their wedding day unfolded under the perfect summer sky.
This serene preserve land, adorned with picturesque Oak trees, offered the perfect setting for their wedding photography. The abundant shade provided by the trees, the tranquil lake, the winding pathways, and the colorful flower gardens all served as a photographer’s dream canvas.
The day began at the Lodge, where James and Beth, surrounded by their loved ones, prepared for the momentous occasion ahead. The air was filled with anticipation and the promise of joyous celebrations. Before the ceremony commenced, the couple decided to share a “first look.” Their expressions of delight and love were beautifully captured in photographs against the backdrop of the Lodge’s stunning natural surroundings.

Honoring Tradition in an Outdoor Ceremony at Hyatt Lodge

The heartwarming wedding ceremony took place outdoors at Hyatt Lodge, nestled amid the trees and grass by the serene lake. James and Beth chose to incorporate Filipino traditions into their nuptials. They included a cord, veil, and an arras with 13 coins. The cord, fashioned in the shape of the number 8, symbolized everlasting love. The veil represented the unity of the bride and groom, signifying their journey as two individuals becoming one. Lastly, the arras, with its 13 coins, symbolized prosperity in each month of their married life. One extra coin for additional blessings for the years ahead.
One of my favorite moments of the day was when Beth laid her eyes on James, walking down the aisle, his tears of joy glistening in the foreground.

A Reception of Simple Elegance

The reception, adorned with simple yet elegant centerpieces crafted by the couple themselves, took advantage of the Lodge’s natural beauty. Amidst the joy and laughter, James and Beth reunited with friends and family they hadn’t seen in a long time. The gathering was a meeting of two worlds, where loved ones came together to celebrate their union.
James and Beth’s wedding day marked the beginning of their shared adventure. As they look forward to exploring new horizons and celebrating life’s milestones as a married couple, their wedding at Hyatt Lodge will forever remain a heartwarming memory of love, tradition, and the promise of an everlasting journey together.

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