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Rebecca and Keith’s Wedding at the Bloomingdale Golf Club

Bloomingdale Golf Club Wedding

Amidst the late August heat, the Bloomingdale Golf Club became the canvas for Rebecca and Keith’s wedding that would leave a lasting mark. As the appointed photographer for the occasion, I was fortunate to be a firsthand witness to the best party of the century!
Before the whirlwind of wedding festivities commenced, a tender moment was carved out by Rebecca. A special gift for her father awaited – custom cufflinks bearing the heartfelt words “Forever your little girl.” In this quiet exchange, love flowed freely, encapsulating the timeless bond between a daughter and her father. It really set the tone for the day’s emotions.

A Riverside Prewedding Photoshoot

Nestled beside the tranquil Naperville Riverwalk, the wedding party gathered for a pre-ceremony photoshoot. Against this picturesque backdrop, Rebecca and Keith decided to share a quiet moment. An opportunity to ease any last-minute jitters and soak in the significance of the day. The transformation was palpable. Nerves made way for a tranquil readiness, allowing them to cherish the moments ahead with loved ones.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony at Bloomingdale Gold Club

As the sun began its descent, the stage was set for the outdoor wedding ceremony at Bloomingdale Golf Club. Nature herself seemed to bless the occasion during their wedding day. To conclude the commencement, Keith ceremoniously shattered glass, a joyful declaration of their union. The journey down the aisle as newlyweds began during the applause from their dear ones.
With the formalities concluded, the couple and I embarked on a golf cart adventure around the sprawling golf course. The beauty of this venue unfolded – vast fairways stretching beneath a cerulean sky, ancient trees casting their benevolent shade. These vistas became the backdrop for capturing timeless photographs, freezing fleeting moments of joy and laughter in frames that would last a lifetime.

The Night’s Crescendo

As day transitioned to night, the Bloomingdale Golf Club wedding reception came alive with the sounds of live music. The dance floor beckoned, and friends and family reveled in the jubilant ambiance. Amidst the laughter and rhythm, a touch of whimsy was added by our photo booth. A gateway to spontaneous memories that became cherished keepsakes.
Rebecca and Keith, a couple radiating pure delight, exemplified love in its truest form. Their warmth and camaraderie created an atmosphere of comfort, enveloping all in their glow. To encapsulate their love story on this monumental day was an honor, as dreams of a shared life, a home, and a family took root in their hearts.
And so, as the curtains drew on this chapter, the tale of Rebecca and Keith unfolded as a promise of unconditional love and support.


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