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Savannah and Graig’s Wedding

Savannah and Graig were married on a perfect spring day at the Warwick Allerton Hotel, located along Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

And let me clarify, when I say a “perfect” spring day, I mean from a photographer’s perspective. We are in the “windy city” after all, and it rained the day before the wedding and the day after, so we were beyond thrilled to find the day’s weather balmy, wind-free and overcast – ideal for taking pictures. Thin rays of light streamed through the clouds, casting a beautiful glow as the day’s events unfurled. (A photographer’s dream come true – let me tell you!)

This stunning backdrop set the day for one of the most enchanting weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. Savannah was breathtaking in her gown, and every detail came together perfectly. Beforehand, Savannah and Graig expressed they were open to fun, unique photo opportunities, so I knew we’d be able to capture some images that reflected their personalities and passion.

We hit the city with grand ambitions to take pictures at “The Bean” in Millennium Park. The location was densely packed due to an American-Polish community meeting, but we snapped a few fun shots before moving on to the Chicago Theatre. We had a lot of fun exploring some of Chicago’s famous sights, and at one point even blocked the Wells Street Bridge to shoot some romantic shots. I have to admit, photographing Savannah and Graig was as easy as it was fun; love and joy seeped from them, making every image I took full of life and raw emotion.

One of the highlights of the night, in terms of their wedding photography, was the idyllic location of their reception venue – the 23rd floor of the Warwick Allerton Hotel. The panoramic views of the city were amazing. In the spirit of adventure, hidden glances and stolen moments, I snuck Savannah and Graig away for a few moments before their first dance. The result? These amazing images of them on the 23rd-floor fire escape overlooking Michigan Avenue.

Savannah and Graig, you are two of the kindest, most spirited couples I’ve ever met! I know your wedded life will be full of love and adventure, just like those pictures from the fire escape. I can’t wait to see what joys life has in store for you!


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