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North Ave Beach Engagement: Lindsey and Jeremy

When it comes to capturing stunning engagement photos, there’s no place quite like Chicago’s North Avenue Beach. Located in the vibrant Lincoln Park neighborhood, this picturesque beach offers expansive sandy shorelines and panoramic views of the city’s iconic skyline. It’s no wonder so many couples choose North Ave Beach for their engagement photos.

Stunning North Ave Beach Engagement Photos

For Lindsey and Jeremy, North Ave Beach was the perfect setting to celebrate their engagement. We began our session near Cafe Brauer in Lincoln Park, photographing at the newly renovated honeycomb pavilion. As the golden hour approached, we moved towards the lake to capture some stunning North Ave Beach engagement photos with the Chicago skyline in the background. The way the sun dipped below the buildings, casting the city in a warm glow, was absolutely breathtaking.

Lindsey and Jeremy are easy-going, kind, and open-minded—plus, they looked like models! By the water, they ditched their shoes and hit the sand for a barefoot walk. They strolled hand-in-hand, giggling and whispering sweet secrets like nobody was watching. Totally captured the cute way they click!

A Modern Love Story

Lindsey and Jeremy, like many couples today, met on a dating app. Their story began with a swipe on Hinge, followed by a bit of a wait – three months, to be exact – before Jeremy finally responded to Lindsey’s message. Her playful comment, “I could be married by now!” has since become a running joke between them. Their first date at the Green Door Tavern, almost didn’t happen due to a last-minute confirmation hiccup. Luckily, they both decided to go, marking the beginning of their beautiful journey together.

You’re going to love their proposal story! Jeremy took Lindsey ring shopping in September to get a sense of her style. Lindsey’s suspicions were first aroused when she called him one day and noticed the unmistakable sounds of the ‘L’ train in the background, even though he had told her he was ‘working from home’. October and November flew by, each filled with special dinners that only fueled her suspicions. Even a playful detour to Rockefeller Center during a trip to NYC couldn’t throw her off the scent.

The real magic happened during the holidays. Under the pretense of a matinée show during their visit to Cleveland, Jeremy led Lindsey to a stunning proposal. Surrounded by loved ones in the beautiful Arcade, he got down on one knee, transforming her initial frustration into pure joy. It was the perfect start to their happily ever after.

The Setting: North Avenue Beach

For me, Lindsey and Jeremy’s stunning North Ave Beach engagement session wasn’t just about capturing pictures; it was about capturing their love story. Their love for each other was unmistakable and truly heartwarming to witness. Their incredible connection made my job effortless.

These two are getting married at RPM Events this fall, and I’m SO excited for their wedding day. Lindsey and Jeremy have a playful love and a lot of chemistry. Plus, they’re incredibly photogenic! Their vision for their wedding day is going to be beautiful and unique.

Lindsey and Jeremy, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this special time in your lives. I adore you both and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to capture your journey. I am beyond excited for your wedding this September! Until then, enjoy every moment of being engaged! Sending you both the biggest hug! xoxo


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