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Engagement Session At The Hinsdale Golf Club | Cece and Bob

Sunset engagement session at Hinsdale Golf Club

For Bob and Cece, their engagement session at the Hinsdale Golf Club was a unique blend of their shared passions, love story, and a touch of nostalgia dating back to their first dinner together. From a first date all the way to an engagement photo op, Bob and Cece are soulmates with a true love story to tell.

When it All Began

Bob and Cece’s love story began six years ago on a blind date at Sullivan’s in Naperville. Cece knew Bob was “the one” early on. She describes him as kind, caring, thoughtful, and genuine, making it easy for her to fall deeply in love. His dedication as a father to his four children, combined with his ability to win over Cece’s own kids, showcased the remarkable person he is. Finally, their shared values, love for sports, and inability to sit still for long moments cemented their bond.
Fast forward to the engagement, Bob orchestrated a heartwarming surprise proposal during a family reunion trip to Mexico. Amongst his large, supportive family and friends, Bob stood up during a dinner toast and casually transitioned into the life-changing question, which Cece would happily say “Yes” to.

A Beautiful Engagement Photography Session at Hinsdale Golf Club

For their engagement session, Bob and Cece hunted for something unique. They wanted a place that would capture their daily lives as well as the essence of their relationship. Their choice was already finalized as soon as the Hinsdale Golf Club came into consideration. In fact, this is the very venue where they would celebrate their marriage in November.
The couple started the session with a playful game of pickleball, capturing their competitive spirit and shared love for sports. As the sun set, we transitioned to the golf course, where the couple posed with golf clubs and shared a few rounds of golf against the backdrop of a stunning sunset.
We concluded the engagement session at Sullivan’s in Naperville, where Bob and Cece had their first date.

Bob and Cece’s engagement session was a beautiful reflection of their love and shared interests. As November approaches, we eagerly count down the days to their wedding, where the couple will officially begin the next chapter of their lives together. Until then, the photographs from their engagement session will act as a reminder of the special connection between them.


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