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Chicago Riverwalk Engagement | Alyssa and Kevin

Chicago Riverwalk engagement offer great views of the city.

Alyssa and Kevin’s Chicago Riverwalk engagement session was one for the books!! We had such an incredible time. Deciding on the location for their engagement session was an easy choice. The couple was drawn to the vibrant and scenic views at the Chicago Riverwalk, a place that symbolizes the heart of the city they both know and love deeply.

The Journey to Love

Alyssa and Kevin’s love journey started on a hot August day in 2017 when they met on Bumble. After many dates, their relationship and friendship grew stronger and stronger. It was when Kevin realized that the time between their dates felt unbearably lengthy. He couldn’t wait to see Alyssa again so he decided to take the next step in their relationship.
The stage was set for a memorable moment when Kevin had planned a romantic vacation to the Maldives to celebrate Alyssa’s accomplishments in dental school. He decided the Maldives would be the ideal location to propose to Alyssa, and that is just what he did. Kevin’s heartfelt speech and a sparkling engagement ring marked the beginning of their journey to marriage.

The Chicago Riverwalk at Sunset

Alyssa and Kevin wanted to showcase their love in a place as beautiful as their bond. I was thrilled to take them to the Chicago Riverwalk and some of Chicago’s most iconic locations for their engagement session. After spending an evening walking through the streets of downtown Chicago it became very clear that they were a perfect match.
The city’s skyline transformed into a dazzling sea of lights as the sun began to set. The photographs not only show their love for each other but also their love for the vibrant city that they each know and love.

Alyssa and Kevin are an incredible couple…. so sweet and genuine. Their engagement session at the Riverwalk in Chicago was filled with love, laughter, and happiness. I just love the diversity of this shoot! Enjoy this new engagement session and get excited to see these two again next summer!


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