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Krista and Tony’s Enchanting Engagement Session at Cantigny

Cantigny Park engagement session in late summer

For Krista and Tony, selecting Cantigny Park as the setting for their engagement session was a no-brainer. Nestled amidst the lush suburbs, Cantigny has a unique charm that never disappoints. This photoshoot wasn’t just about posing for the camera, though; it was about the genuine connection between Krista and Tony. The laughter, whispers, and stolen glances during the shoot spoke volumes about the love they shared.

How The Couple Met

Krista and Tony’s love story began at their workplace, a junior high school. Tony, a middle school counselor, and Krista, an English teacher, initially had little interaction. It wasn’t until a presentation Tony gave in Krista’s classroom the ice was broken with a playful jab about her Cubs logo decoration despite his loyalty to the White Sox.
Throughout that school year, they found themselves paired up to chaperone events, providing opportunities for meaningful conversations. The friendly rivalry between the Sox and Cubs continued, with Tony often playfully flaunting his Sox allegiance by pausing at Krista’s classroom door with his Sox coffee cup in hand.
As feelings developed, Krista decided to make her interest clear. She printed out articles highlighting the Sox’s losing streak and placed them on Tony’s office door, accompanied by a Cubs sticker for him to place over his Sox coffee mug. Finally, the message got through, and Tony mustered the courage to ask Krista out.
After roughly a year, the couple got engaged. Tony recreated their first date, ending with a sincere proposal on a familiar bench, complete with a gorgeous ring he had chosen himself.

It Was a Stroll in The Park

This leads us back to the photo shoot. Our time at Cantigny Park was nothing short of perfect. With the weather on our side and the vibrant colors of late summer in full bloom, we embarked on a stroll through the park. The couple wanted to include Krista’s adorable son, Mason, in their photos. We kicked off the session with some family-style shots, capturing the essence of their growing bond.
As we wrapped up the photoshoot, the excitement for Krista and Tony’s upcoming wedding day was real. I felt honored to be a part of the start of this chapter in their love story. It will be a chapter that promises a happy future and many more moments of love and togetherness.


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