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Vrunda and Neel | A Celebration to Remember

On today’s blog, I am featuring an epic outdoor Indian wedding here in Chicago. Vrunda and Neel are an incredible couple who finally got their chance to tie the knot! This three-day wedding extravaganza was one that I will always remember. I was so glad I got to be a part of the day. I shot their engagement session a few months ago and wrote all about their story, which you can read about here.

Vrudna and Neel decided to opt out of a downtown wedding due to the pandemic. They moved their wedding out into the suburbs. While this may have been a change to the original plan, this was not a compromise to the beauty, fun, and intimacy that was experienced in these three days.

The celebrations started on Friday night with a traditional Sangeet. This is a pre-wedding event that is traditional to the Hindu culture. It consisted of dancing, singing, and celebrating the couple and their closest relatives and friends. Combined with the Mehndi, a tradition where the women of the bridal party have their hands and feet stained with a mehndi stain. This time was so beautiful and helped me to really feel immersed in the beauty of the Hindu culture.

Wedding Ceremony at Bend Creek Nature Center

The next day, the bride and groom got ready before sunrise even appeared at a nearby hotel. We had a first look moment early in the morning where we got to catch some beautiful first light.

Arriving at Creek Bend Nature Center on a horse, Neel continued the Hindu wedding tradition with the Baraat. This is a ceremonial ritual where the groom’s side of the family dances and celebrates before the ceremony.

The moment then arrived where vows were exchanged. Vrunda and Neel got married under a Mandap (an altar that is wonderfully decorated) and committed their lives to one another. This couple was so fun to work with and I wish Vrunda and Neel all the best as they start their next chapter of moving to Cleveland and begin their lives of being husband and wife.

Pre-wedding Indian GANESH PUJA ceremony An Indian bride chasing her aunt during her pre-wedding. A candid moment during the pre-wedding GANESH PUJA Hindu ceremony Applying the paste to the groom’s face during Haldi pre-wedding Indian ceremony Groomsmen applying turmeric paste during Haldi pre-wedding Indian ceremony Indian groom interact with his friends during his outdoor Wedding in Chicago Bride and groom portraits during their Sangeet An Indian bride and groom outdoor photo at their Sangeet at Creek Bend Nature Center An Indian bride posing with her Henna applied to her hand. An outdoor portrait of an Indian bride and groom at their Chicago wedding at Creek Bend An Indian bride perform a traditional dance for her groom at their Sangeet

An Indian groom getting ready before his outdoor wedding in Chicago A first-look moment between an Indian bride and groom taken before their outdoor wedding ceremony A groom is twirling his bride at Creek Bend Nature Center before their outdoor ceremony An Indian bride and groom portrait at Creek Bend Nature Center An Outdoor Indian couple portrait taken before their wedding in Chicago

An Outdoor Indian Wedding Mandap in Chicago An outdoor Indian wedding mandap decorated with pink linen and flowers. A mandap with pink roses photographed before an outdoor Indian wedding in Chicago A printed engagement session photos displayed at an outdoor Indian wedding ceremony site. An Indian groom arriving on a horse for his outdoor wedding in Chicago The groom dancing during his baraat on upbeat tempe Indian groomsmen fire smoke bombs during a baraat before an outdoor wedding in Chicago

An indian bride arrives at wedding ceremony at Creek Bend The reveal moment at a mandap during an outdoor Indian Wedding in Chicago An outdoor Indian wedding ceremony in Chicago Wedding party and family send blessing to an Indian bride and groom at their outdoor wedding An Indian bride and groom exchange wedding ring under a mandap at an outdoor wedding ceremony site in Chicago

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