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A Quintessential Downtown Chicago Engagement Session | Vrunda and Neel

This Downtown Chicago engagement session is one to remember! Vrunda and Neel have really had a time getting their engagement photos done. From waking up with red-eye to having food poisoning, this couple has had to postpone their session three times! We finally struck gold and had the perfect weather for an engagement session (and everyone was healthy!). This was such a fun shoot with a couple who are truly some of the kindest people I have ever met.

Vrunda and Neel met back in their undergrad at the University of Toledo. Neel made an effort to talk to Vrunda at a frat party but was shut down quickly by Vrunda. However, as fate would have it, they lived in the same apartment building and ended up having the same physics lab. After ignoring him for a few months, Vrunda started talking to him at a Halloween party. They kept talking and then decided to make a bet that ended up being their first date. They bet on a football game and if one of their teams lost, that person would have to make the other one dinner! Vrunda’s team lost and so instead of making dinner, they actually went to the Toledo Zoo where they truly hit it off and then started dating in January 2015.

Vrunda says that she knows that Neel is the right guy for her. He has everything she was looking for in a lifelong partner. Their proposal happened at Buckingham Fountain in Downtown Chicago, a spot that is very special to them. What Vrunda thought was a couple’s photoshoot, was actually Neel’s way to surprise a proposal!

We went back to Buckingham Fountain as the last spot on our shoot. We had spent our day going to some classic Downtown Chicago spots that I think perfectly represented their love story and were the perfect backdrop for their engagement session.

Vrunda and Neel are tying the knot next month! They are so excited to marry one another in front of all their family and friends and celebrate their commitment to one another. I am so happy I got to capture this moment and will be able to capture their wedding.

A panoramic view of downtown Chicago engagement photo taken on Michigan Avenue Downtown Chicago river bridge engagement session photo of a couple walking on the street An engagement session photo showing downtown Chicago in the background An engaged photo taken near Wrigley Building with the skywalk behind them Engagement session photos of couple wearing formal wear taken on the Riverwalk in downtown Chicago Engagement photo taken on one of the bridges in downtown Chicago Downtown Chicago engagement photo taken near The Wrigley Building Engagement photos taken during the golden hour for photography near Adler Planetarium Wrigley Building engagement photo of an Indian couple A posed engagement photo under the "L" tracks on Wells Street Bridge in Chicago A couple posing for a photo near the Adler Planetarium with a dramatic downtown Chicago view in the background An engaged couple looking at downtown Chicago skyline at sunset over lake Michigan Uniquely composed image of a couple kissing with a glass reflection near Lake Michigan A sunset engagement photo at the Buckingham Fountain A couple pose in front of the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago with the skyline at night in the background An Indian couple wearing blue outfits taking an engagement photos at the Buckingham Fountain at night

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