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A Spring Engagement Session in Chicago | Amy & Gavin

On a gloomy and rainy Chicago morning, Amy and Gavin prepared for a photoshop that would document their beautiful engagement. This would be a weekend to remember. Amy and Gavin had taken the weekend to book a hotel room in downtown Chicago and celebrate their engagement. The city was quiet. The pandemic had changed the feel of the city, emptying the streets of the locals and the tourists. However, this made for the perfect environment for their spring engagement session in Chicago.

As we began to prepare, the sun began to shine brightly and everything began to come together. A beautiful scene that mirrored the story of our lovely couple. Right before the pandemic shut our world down, Amy and Gavin met for the first time after chatting on the dating app, Hinge. The plan for the first date was to meet at a lovely Starbucks and get to really get to know each other in an intimate way. After chatting for a while, they wanted to continue on with the date and extended it over a lovely lunch.

Thirteen months later, Amy and Gavin were headed on vacation in Clearwater Beach, FL. Gavin had the perfect plan. After two relaxing, glorious days at the beach, Gavin took Amy down to the beach at sunset. With the beautiful, golden backdrop, Gavin got down on one knee and asked Amy to be his forever.

One of the most beautiful things about this story is how Amy describes her relationship with Gavin. From that first message on Hinge to the engagement weekend in downtown Chicago, everything just seemed to click. Gavin exudes patience, thoughtfulness, a lot of kindness, and a great sense of humor. For Amy, this is it. She has finished swiping on the dating apps and has found her true love forever.

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