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Melissa and Jonathan’s Wedding

Melissa and Jonathan brought the perfect blend of Jewish tradition and modern style to their picturesque wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Downtown Chicago hotel last Saturday. As a boutique photographer in Chicago, I take great pleasure in scouting out the most unique and stunning weddings and events. I was obviously thrilled at the opportunity to partake in their magnificent Ritz-Carlton Chicago wedding.

This lovely couple, who were hilariously matched up by accident during a blind date gone awry, lucked out and had a perfect day for their wedding; the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! The festivities started that the Ritz-Carlton with the girls getting ready in a two-story suite. The suite had a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan and the city (you won’t want to miss these – promise!).

Melissa and Jonathan opted for a first look, and we found the most glorious backdrop – an elegant balcony outside the hotel overlooking the John Hancock building. The resulting images were incredible! We were able to capture some really sweet moments that Melissa, Jonathan, and their families will appreciate for generations.

A Traditional Jewish Wedding in Chicago

After taking some additional photographs in front of the historic water tower place near Michigan Ave., the families gathered and signed the Ketubah, followed by a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. The party really heated up afterward, with the dance floor full until nearly 2 AM. As it happens, the day also marked the six-year anniversary of Melissa’s sister and her maid of honor AND Melissa’s birthday was Sunday. All in all, everyone had a lot to celebrate and the atmosphere was bursting with happiness.

Melissa and Jonathan, thank you for inviting me to photograph your Ritz-Carlton Chicago Wedding. The love and joy you share is obvious and really cannot be summed up in words. Luckily, we don’t have to, because I think my pictures say it all.

Have fun in Bora Bora!



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