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Snow, Smiles, and Urban Backdrops: Janae and Dominic

Snow? Check! Downtown Chicago? Check! Amazing Couple? Check! How cool is it to start the new year with a killer downtown Chicago winter engagement session? Janae and Dominic’s photos at Wrigley Building and Olive Park are beyond awesome. Okay, so our fingers and toes may have been a bit frosty, but these two made it a party!

Downtown Chicago Winter Vibes

Waking up to a dusting of snow all over downtown Chicago felt like stepping into a fairy tale. The winter made the whole engagement session magical, and even though it was a bit nippy, Janae and Dominic turned it into a love-fueled celebration.
Surprisingly, the city wasn’t crowded on such a picturesque day. I can’t recall ever photographing an engagement session at The Wrigley Building and Olive Park with no one else around. It felt like a private session just for us.

Their Love Story

Janae and Dominic’s love story kicked off on Hinge. Fast forward to their first date at Old Crow in Wrigleyville – country music, Two Friends tunes, a boxing match, and pizza-making on the pizzazz. A perfect recipe for a connection! Their smiles are infectious, and their inside jokes are like their secret code for “we’re perfect together.”
During a trip to Nebraska for Janae’s brother’s yearly Independence Day bash, the moment arrived for Dominic to make his move. As the night wrapped up, with family all around, Dominic orchestrated a surprise that completely caught Janae off guard.

Winter Engagement Session in Downtown Chicago

Capturing Janae and Dominic was an absolute delight – their attire, chemistry, and the urban backdrop all fell seamlessly into place, making my job effortless. Their winter engagement session in downtown Chicago was like a snow-filled dream with plenty of smiles. As I was taking photos, it was clear that Janae and Dominic were setting themselves up for an amazing life together.
Super excited to see what goes down at their wedding in Kamper Lakes GC in Kildeer this summer! It’s gonna be epic! Here’s to many more warm moments and laughs in their forever story!

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