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Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Session | Taylor and Alex

An engaged couple posing for a sunset photo at The Riverwalk in Chicago.

Get ready to discover this extraordinary couple, Taylor and Alex, and their remarkable engagement session at the Chicago Riverwalk. From their serendipitous meeting to an unforgettable proposal, their tale of love and laughter will inspire you.

Taylor and Alex’s paths first crossed at the University of Michigan Hospital. Though they had encountered each other before, it wasn’t until a group of young professionals decided to embark on a pedal pub adventure that their connection truly ignited. As fate would have it, Taylor and Alex found themselves engaged in a captivating conversation during the outing, feeling an undeniable spark but unsure of how to proceed. It wasn’t until several months later, when Taylor needed help with a business plan, that they met again, this time at a local bar. As they delved into discussions about life and everything in between, they realized that there was an extraordinary connection between them—one that would change their lives forever.

For Alex, the realization that Taylor was “the one” struck when he found himself surrounded by Taylor’s childhood memories. Leafing through baby pictures with her mom, he stumbled upon a snapshot of Taylor dressed as a Velociraptor. It was at that moment that he understood Taylor’s unwavering authenticity and quirky spirit—qualities he cherished and wanted to embrace in a lifelong partner.
Similarly, for Taylor, the “aha” moment arrived when Alex effortlessly quoted a line from their family’s beloved movie, “Dumb and Dumber.” The shared sense of humor that Alex possessed instantly resonated with Taylor, revealing the promise of a lifetime filled with laughter and joy. From that point forward, there was no doubt in Taylor’s mind that Alex was the one she wanted to spend forever with.

The Proposal Story

Ah, the proposal story—full of twists and turns! Originally planned for the sandy beaches of Spain, fate had other ideas in store for Taylor and Alex. Due to some passport complications, their dreams of a Spanish proposal were abruptly dashed. However, love knows no boundaries, and they decided to turn their misfortune into an opportunity. Months later, they embarked on a trip to Hawaii, where Alex had secretly organized a surprise beach engagement.
As the sun began to set on the Hawaiian shores, Alex guided Taylor to a breathtaking beach adorned with a magnificent flower arch. In an instant, she realized what was happening, and her heart raced with anticipation. Out of hiding emerged a talented photographer and a skilled ukulele player, ready to capture this extraordinary moment.
Overwhelmed by emotion, Taylor’s initial response to Alex’s proposal was an endearing, “….are you sure?!”. After a reassuring laugh from Alex, Taylor joyfully accepted his heartfelt question, sealing their bond of love and commitment.

Sunset Engagement Session At The Riverwalk in Chicago

Before we conclude this captivating story, let’s not forget their engagement session adventure in Chicago Riverwalk. Despite facing numerous challenges, such as poor air quality due to wildfires, rain showers, and blocked city streets, Taylor and Alex persevered. With their positive spirits and unwavering determination, they ventured to The Riverwalk, capturing stunning images against the backdrop of Chicago’s mesmerizing skyline and picturesque bridges. Adding an extra touch of joy, they even brought their adorable fur babies along for the ride.
Taylor and Alex’s love story is an enchanting testament to the power of chance encounters, unwavering laughter, and the ability to turn unexpected hurdles into cherished memories.

As they prepare to embark on their journey as a married couple, we can’t help but feel inspired by their authenticity, resilience, and unconditional love. Cheers to Taylor and Alex, a dynamic duo destined for a lifetime of adventures and everlasting happiness together!


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