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Amanda and Derek’s Wedding

You know that feeling after a big storm? Where the world is calm, magical and somehow new? Drops of dew glistening on every flower and leaf, and that sense that anything can happen? That’s exactly how it felt on the morning of Amanda and Derek’s wedding.

The rain began the night before and lasted into the morning. We were all busy checking the weather and wondering how the day would unfold. Amanda and Derek actually booked my services for their big day nearly TWO YEARS in advance, which is such an honor. I was thrilled to be part of their big day and knew we’d end up with some beautiful shots regardless of the forecast. Still, everyone was pleased when the rain cleared, and the calm after the storm was
simply enchanting.

I started the day with Derek and his groomsmen at the local barbershop. Everyone was in good spirits and almost giddy with excitement. Derek gave Amanda’s maid-of-honor a little note before the ceremony and played a bit of a trick on her; the note just said, “I love you,” – a sweet sentiment in itself. She was enraptured, however, when he followed it up with a lengthy love letter, and she poured over it; the joy and anticipation alight in her eyes.

Amanda and Derek tied the knot during a short but emotional ceremony at First United Methodist Church in Downers Grove. Family, friends and the wedding party created a shower of bubbles for the two as they exited the church. We immediately headed to The Morton Arboretum for pictures. At this point, it was steamy and hot outside, but everyone was energetic, and we had a blast photographing the wedding party and family.

The reception was one, great party. Amanda and Derek went all out, even surprising their loved ones with a round of fireworks! All in all, it was a fabulous day and so exciting to see their two years of planning come to fruition. Amanda and Derek, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for picking me as your wedding photographer! Enjoy the following images!


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