Rings, Dress, Shoes and Other Details

Expected Time: 30 minutes

The first thing we do upon arrival is photograph the details of your wedding. We allow at least 30 minutes for this process, which includes photographing the dress, rings, shoes, bouquets and other intimate details. Please deliver the wedding bands and flower bouquets to the ladies so they’re available for pictures. Also, please keep the room clear of clutter.

Wedding Party Getting Ready


This is the part of the day where we photograph the bride and groom and the wedding party getting prepared for the ceremony. Of the course of 60 minutes, we’ll take close-ups of the makeup and candid images of the wedding party. Anticipation is high before the wedding, making this an especially emotional and exciting time to photograph.

Individual Portraits (Separate)


The best time to take individual portraits is immediately following hair and makeup. Everyone is fresh and looking their best at this time, and the festivities of the day have yet to truly begin. This section also usually includes images of the bride and groom with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. Note: Bride and groom individual portraits are separate.

First Look and Daytime Couple's Session

Expected Time: 45 minutes.

During the first look, we photograph the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time on the day of their wedding! The actual first look only takes a few minutes, but the remainder of the time is spent photographing the couple together.

*If you opted out for a first look, the daytime couples session will take place after the ceremony.

Is a First Look Right for You?


I photograph the ceremony 100% from a photojournalistic perspective. I will take pictures of the entire event as it unfolds, without interacting with the couple or any guests. At this point, I fall into the background and discreetly photograph the natural timeline of your wedding ceremony. If you are getting married in a church, I understand that this is a religious ceremony, so we’ll take the utmost care to be unobtrusive and respectful as we work.

Family Portraits

Expected Time: 30 minutes

Family photos are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. They should take place immediately following the ceremony (or immediately before, depending on the circumstances). Your wedding day is very important to your immediate family, so we want to allow as much time as is needed to capture stunning images with your parents, grandparents, siblings and other immediate relatives.

Bride & Groom Wedding Party

Expected Time: 2 hours

Ultimately, my goal here is to capture romantic images of you being natural with each other. I want you to feel beautiful, confident and happy, so I’ll follow your lead when it comes to posing and your personality. I’ll offer guidance, as needed, to help optimize the lighting, location and your positioning. Other than that, we’ll strive to take some fun, romantic and emotional images celebrating what will be one of the most memorable days of your life.

Reception Details

Expected Time: 20 minutes

The second photographer, if chosen, will spend about 20 minutes photographing the reception room after the vendors exit the space and before guests enter. We also take first look shots of the newlyweds seeing their reception for the first time.

Couples Session at Sunset

Expected Time: 20 minutes

Photographs at sunset are the things dreams are made of! The lighting is incredible, making for flattering and romantic shots that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives. We understand if you need to cut time from various aspects of the photography timeline, but please keep this one as is! A full 20 minutes are needed for these once-in- a-lifetime shots.

These images usually require the couple to sneak out of the reception. We understand you need to be a good host and the reception is lots of fun, so we’ll keep this session on time and work to get you back to the party ASAP.
Note: Depending on your venue, we might not be able to get a good shot of the sunset. 

Additional Considerations

If you’re working with a wedding coordinator, don’t hesitate to put them in touch with us from the beginning of the planning phase and we’ll work together on the timeline. I regularly work with coordinators who get the first draft of the timeline right on the first try! We’ll combine our skills and experience to develop a concise and relatively accurate timeline that’ll ensure your day runs smoothly and every detail has the appropriate amount of time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! Helping to organize your wedding timeline is part of my job and I’m happy to help. My goal is to do everything in my power to make your wedding day stress-free and enjoyable for you.

Driving Times

If your getting ready space, ceremony and/or reception are in different areas, please don’t forget to factor in additional time for travel. We haven’t allowed for any travel time in this timeline, so it’s definitely something to consider. Remember, travel time doesn’t just refer to actual driving time – loading a wedding party into a party bus also takes time.

Table Shots

 If you are considering visiting each table and interacting with your guests, this can be done in one of two ways: We take formal pictures with every table, or we take a photojournalistic approach and photograph you naturally, without posing, as you visit each table. Note that this part takes a lot of time. If you allow 3-5 minutes per table, twenty tables will take about 60-100 minutes.

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