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Style is very important to most of my couples – and rightly so! It’s a good idea to discuss style before choosing a photographer. You heard a lot of different “buzz words,” like traditional or photojournalism. These terms can be confusing and honestly, they still mean different things to different people. Here’s a multi-faceted snapshot of my particular approach:

The Photography Spectrum

I like to think of photography as a horizontal plane with Photojournalism at one end and Traditional / Portraiture at the other. Everything else falls somewhere in-between. I think wedding photography should span the entire spectrum and feature some photos from every category.

Photojournalism, or the type of photography that documents a day or event moment by moment as it unfolds, is very buzz-worthy right now. It stems from journalism and is based on capturing organic images in a very natural, unplanned way.

Traditional/Portraiture, on the other hand, is a more conservative or standard approach to photography. Subjects are set up with a background or in different poses and still-life images are taken. This is the root of wedding photography.

My Style

I borrow elements from photojournalism and traditional/portraiture photography to offer the best of both worlds for my couples (at least in my opinion!). I love movement, love and laughter and think unplanned moments are where the real emotion shows. In these ways, I use photojournalistic techniques to catch raw emotion and cultivate photos that convey your wedding in a story-like way.

On the other hand, I believe formal photographs still have an important role to play in the wedding photography. I want you to have some stunning shots to hang on your wall, give to family and friends and keep in your wedding album.

Ultimately, I like to have fun with my wedding photography. I’ll communicate with you, try out new ideas and want your feedback and suggestions, too! The important thing is that your wedding is filled with love, laughter and joy – and that I catch it all on camera for you to have and enjoy.

After more than 10 years in the industry, I honestly have to say that 50% of my photographic skill has nothing to do with the camera; it’s my ability to get couples to let down their walls and be natural with each other. I encourage you to choose a wedding photographer whose style reflects your expectations. Budget matters, and experience is crucial, but the most important thing is to choose someone who will create the type of images you want.


In a perfect world, fabulous wedding photography would be based on style and connection – not price!

Our team of four photographers has debated this subject endlessly. We’re real people, just like you. We need money to survive, but it shouldn’t define what we do! We also understand that some couples can spend $8,000 on photography, while some cap it at $1,000.

We encourage you to hire a photographer based on their style and approach. If you don’t, no amount of money will result in pictures that make your heart race and tummy flutter.

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