Why Full-Day Coverage?

Contracts for specific amounts of time are the norm in the photography industry. Simply put, your wedding day is a story in itself. Stories don’t occur in forced blocks or eight-hour chunks, which is why all of our wedding packages automatically include full-day wedding photography coverage.

I am excited for my couples, honored to be part of their wedding and feel it’s my obligation to deliver a comprehensive storyline of their big day through my images. I’m also dedicated to not being a stressor. By spending some extra time with you and offering full-day coverage, I can photograph those darling moments with your flower girl, special time spent with your father before walking down the aisle and any other meaningful part of the day. Here are some other benefits:

1. Relax

Nobody wants their wedding day to be a stressful, chaotic event. Most couples spend months (and even years!) planning their wedding. When it comes down to it, the day is a highly orchestrated event depending on so many different schedules, such as hair and makeup, the limo, the band, etc. Photography shouldn’t fall into that category. Your wedding photography shouldn’t be rushed! I want to capture natural, candid moments and real expressions – you can take your time with me.

2. Authenticity

Our goal is to document an authentic rendering of your wedding from start to finish, telling the story naturally as it unfolds. The ceremony and reception may take 5 or 6 hours, but getting ready, formal pictures, the grant exit and other elements add up.

3. Enjoy the Celebration

You never have to worry about unexpected charges or fees, or rush the cake cutting because your photographer is about to take off. There’s no need for a fake bouquet toss or disappointment that the photographer missed grandpa lighting up the dance floor. When you choose Crane’s Photography, you’re also choosing the peace of mind that you can sit back, relax and live every moment of your wedding day to the fullest knowing I’ll be there to photograph it all.

4. A Complete Story

When you look through your Wedding Album, you’ll really appreciate how our photographs tell the story of your day exactly how it occurred. There won’t be any gaps, or hard feelings that critical moments were missed.

Don’t Need Full-Day Coverage?

Maybe you are planning on eloping or having a brief, last-minute ceremony and don’t want or need full-day coverage. That’s okay! We’ll do our best to accommodate you and create a custom quote. Please note, however, that Saturdays May through October, we only book full-day wedding coverage.

Note: My full-day coverage promise guarantees that I will be there for all the important moments of your wedding day, but not necessarily from the time you begin getting ready until the very end. The exact timeline varies, depending on the event. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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