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An Elegant Engagement Session at The Rookery | Sheila and Rob

It was a truly delightful experience to photograph Sheila and Rob’s elegant engagement session at the iconic Rookery Building in Chicago. This landmark building, with its stunning architecture and rich history, provided the perfect backdrop for capturing their love and laughter.

The Rookery’s Oriel Staircase: A Elegant Backdrop for Engagement Session

We began our session on the Oriel Staircase, a spiral marvel with intricate, repeating patterns. The way the steps are wrapped around is so mesmerizing, it is like a real-life optical illusion. The spiral staircase’s enchanting beauty complemented the couple’s radiant smiles and shared moments of joy.

Next, we moved on to the Light Court, a vast open space that added an extra flair to Sheila and Rob’s engagement session. With its soaring ceilings, graceful columns, and an abundance of natural light streaming through the skylight, the Light Court and The Grant Staircase is a dreamlike setting for capturing some stunning portraits.

Leaving behind the elegant Rookery Building, we continued the engagement session in Lincoln Park, a place that held special significance for the couple. It was here, in this beautiful park, that Rob proposed to Sheila.

The Proposal: Rain, Dogs, and a big”YES”

Sheila and Rob’s journey began in 2021 with their first date at Parson’s in Lincoln Park. Despite Sheila being on-call for the hospital and having to take calls, the couple hit it off immediately. The initial embarrassment turned into relief and excitement when Rob asked for another date, which turned out to be even more enjoyable. Their second date concluded with a walk around Lincoln Park Zoo.

Now, here’s the proposal scoop. Rob, being the sneaky genius he is, kept the whole thing under wraps. After a work conference, Sheila came home to Rob suggesting a chill ride to grab dinner in Lincoln Park. Throw in their four-legged buddy Garth, some rain, and a bit of improvisation, and voila – a proposal went down. Garth even joined in with some cries and barks, turning the whole thing into a scene straight out of a romantic comedy.

So, what’s next? Sheila and Rob are over the moon, ready to tie the knot and throw a bash with their crew. Wedding bells, family, friends – it’s all in the cards for this dynamic duo.

Sheila and Rob, thanks a million for letting me photograph your elegant engagement session at The Rookery. Can’t wait to document your wedding next summer. Until then, soak in the fiancé vibes and keep the love alive. Sending virtual hugs your way! xoxo


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